Future Is Now! Real Estate Virtual Reality Tours

Real Estate

Technology is always changing in the real estate business.  The MLS book became the MLS computer system, faxed contracts became emailed offers, photos became virtual tours.  The latest technology now involves using virtual reality technology for home buyers to view a home in 360 degrees and 3 dimensions from the comfort of their home.  The only hardware required is a pair of virtual reality glasses in which a smartphone is inserted.  

Austin-Barnett Realty is the first company in the Greater Charlotte, NC to showcase this technology.  Austin-Barnett Realty recently partnered with a company out of England to provide this service to their clients.

Austin-Barnett Realty is proud to provide this service to their sellers for no additional charge.  "We feel the financial investment for this service will pay off in the long run in additional sales," said Sam Barnett, Managing Partner and head of technology for Austin-Barnett Realty.  "The technology in the real estate business will always change but we will continue to be at the cutting edge and offer our clients the latest technology available to provide them the best service."


Virtual Reality Tour example below:
Click goggles icon at bottom of tour if you have VR goggles.  Otherwise you can scroll or pan with a mouse/computer 360 degrees and floor to ceiling.